Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hal Turner is having another episode of Munchausen syndrome

Editors Note: Munchausen syndrome is a condition where a person fakes an illness or disease mainly to get attention from with the medical profession or from their family and friends. Sometimes it is done to obtain sympathy, to act out anger or even to control the behavior of others. It is not common but it happens occasionally. Now it is happening on the internet.

When you discuss a condition with a person in a chat room or reply to questions and comments on a message board, you may be communicating with a person who is just faking the problem. (This is important to keep in mind.) But how would you know? That person may also be playing several roles in the chat room or message board. They have simplified the deception by taking to the internet rather than attending a hospital emergency room or doctor's office.

The following article by Marc D. Feldman MD, who has followed patients with this condition over the years, gives tips for recognizing this syndrome on the Net.

Munchausen by Internet:
Faking Illness Online

by Marc D. Feldman, M.D

Online Support for People with Illness - The Internet is a medium of choice for millions of people who need health-related information. Medical websites have multiplied exponentially over the past several years. Thousands of virtual support groups have sprung up for those suffering from particular illnesses. Whether formatted as chat rooms, as newsgroups, or in other ways, they offer patients and families the chance to share their hopes, fears, and knowledge with others experiencing life as they are. These online groups can counter isolation and serve as bastions of understanding, deep concern, and even affection.

Unfortunately, cyberspace resources are sometimes deliberately misused by people intent on deceiving others. False product claims in spam are perhaps the best-known example. But even in the relative intimacy of health support groups, individuals may choose to mislead others by pretending to have illnesses they do not. They divert the attention of the group toward their feigned battles with cancer, multiple sclerosis, anorexia nervosa, or other ailments. The eventual discovery of the deceptions can be devastating. One group member called it "emotional rape" to have cared so deeply about a person who lied to her and others from his first post on.

Munchausen by Internet - For decades, physicians have known about so-called factitious disorder, better known in its severe form as Munchausen syndrome (Feldman Ford, 1995). Here, people willfully fake or produce illness to command attention, obtain lenience, act out anger, or control others. Though feeling well, they may bound into hospitals, crying out or clutching their chests with dramatic flair. Once admitted, they send the staff on one medical goose chase after another. If suspicions are raised or the ruse is uncovered, they quickly move on to a new hospital, town, state, or in the worst cases — country. Like traveling performers, they simply play their role again. I coined the terms "virtual factitious disorder" (Feldman, Bibby, Crites, 1998) and "Munchausen by Internet" (Feldman, 2000) to refer to people who simplify this "real-life" process by carrying out their deceptions online. Instead of seeking care at numerous hospitals, they gain new audiences merely by clicking from one support group to another. Under the guise of illness, they can also join multiple groups simultaneously. Using different names and accounts, they can even sign on to one group as a stricken patient, his frantic mother, and his distraught son all to make the ruse utterly convincing.

Clues to Detection of False Claims - Based on experience with two dozen cases of Munchausen by Internet, I have arrived at a list of clues to the detection of factititous Internet claims. The most important follow:

  1. the posts consistently duplicate material in other posts, in books, or on health-related websites;
  2. the characteristics of the supposed illness emerge as caricatures;
  3. near-fatal bouts of illness alternate with miraculous recoveries;
  4. claims are fantastic, contradicted by subsequent posts, or flatly disproved;
  5. there are continual dramatic events in the person's life, especially when other group members have become the focus of attention;
  6. there is feigned blitheness about crises (e.g., going into septic shock) that will predictably attract immediate attention;
  7. others apparently posting on behalf of the individual (e.g., family members, friends) have identical patterns of writing.

Lessons - Perhaps the most important lesson is that, while most people visiting support groups are honest, all members must balance empathy with circumspection. Group members should be especially careful about basing their own health care decisions on uncorroborated information supplied in groups. When Munchausen by Internet seems likely, it is best to have a small number of established members gently, empathically, and privately question the author of the dubious posts. Even though the typical response is vehement denial regardless of the strength of the evidence, the author typically will eventually disappear from the group. Remaining members may need to enlist help in processing their feelings, ending any bickering or blaming, and refocusing the group on its original laudable goal.

References: Feldman, M.D. (2000): Munchausen by Internet: detecting factitious illness and crisis on the Internet. Southern Journal of Medicine, 93, 669-672
Feldman, M.D., Bibby, M., Crites, S.D. (1998): "Virtual" factitious disorders and Munchausen
by proxy. Western Journal of Medicine, 168, 537-539
Feldman, M.D., Ford, C.V. (1995): Patient or Pretender: Inside the Strange World of Factitious Disorders. New York, John Wiley Sons

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Turns out it was the Canadian authorities who shut down VNN

But still, the fake arch-bishop spreading rumors is a good thing.

This might be the first right thing Kenneth Michael Schneider has done. Schneider currently has several arrest warrants in the City of Roanoke and is considered a fugitive from justice.

By the way, VNN is down. Even better news.

And if Eric Adams ripped off Vonbluvens, that's even better........

Commentary -- [Bill: My understanding is that two organizations Eric Adams previously organized were bankrupted by SPLC lawsuits, and that Mr Adams is still under some sort of judgment or court order in regards to those occurences.

I do not, however, have any of the inside details of what had occurred -- I've only read the news reports and viewed some abstracts of the judgments against him.

Of course, given that he has twice been bankrupted by the SPLC, the question of his income from his stake in NSM records comes into question -- though really, its another NSM member who provided most of the logistics in setting NSM Records up -- Eric is just the guy operating the thing.

Anyways, Doc posted the following on NSM forum. He was expelled from the NSM for questioning Richard Brunson in particular, and Adams to a lesser degree, and after he was expelled Jeff ordered the National Office not to mention it (he didn't even tell me it had happened) and ordered Von Bluvens not to let Doc back on the Von Bluvens show (one of many contributing factors in Von's departure).

And note, there has been a long running dispute between Mike Blevins and Eric Adams over some money -- apparently, the bank account of Adams was seized, though I have not been able to independently verify that:] p=420287#post420287

Forget the "Satanist" BS (There are of course "Thousands" in the NSM according to the "High Priestess" Herrington...)

Folks, the real reason, and the only one of any substance is ERIC ADAMS

Eric Adams is a FED. I know, people always pull the FED thing out but I'm CERTAIN in this case.

Anyone who wants to know more can ask ANY ex member of the Southern White Knights of the KKK as well as MOST ex members of the ORION Knights of the KKK, particularly those in Florida.

Get in touch with "Swamp Fighter" (ex Grand Dragon of the ORION Knights in Florida or Randal White, ex Grand Dragon of the Southern White Knights of the KKK Georgia and later Eric Adams replacement as Imperial Wizard.

That's right folks; Eric Adams was kicked out of the KKK (In Klan parlance "Banished"). Eric Adams couldn't be in the KKK anymore so he bailed on his "Lifelong Christian Beliefs", became an "Odinist"/ Satanist (His Wife Libby has been a longtime Satanist)

The Southern White Knights logo and articles of incorporation belonged to Eric Adams and of course he refused to turn them over to the membership.

He started the Southern White Knights TWICE a few years apart and sold out the membership lists for a REDUCED SENTENCE both times as well as other things.

Eric Adams was ORDERED by his FED handlers to destroy the NSM and he did EXACTLY that. All the rest is smoke and mirrors.

You all worried that Bill White has names and info? Worry more about shopping NSMRecords or trafficking on any NSM site.

Eric had Tom Martin disposed of and now he controls ALL NSM web space.

Eric? What happened to KlanNet and its successors? You RIPPED of myself (DOC) for one and VonBluvens (Who's Credit Card you billed, and then bilked) as well as many others. But, WTF, you're a PRIME example of what the NSM calls honorable...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

NSM's Jim Ramm is outed

Matthew Ernest Ramsey is his real name.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bill White helps out federal law enforcement again.


I emailed the authorities today and turned in John Snyder, the infamous NSM rapist. Or, rather, I assisted someone else by forwarding on information that they sent me by email they wanted to give to the police but were afraid to.

According to the Indianapolis Sheriff's Department, he is wanted for being an unregistered sex offender and for parole violations.

end quote:

Nice going Bill!!!!

Stop the hate.

Vonbluvens is mentally ill.

Vonbluvens decided to go back into hiding after I visited Sarasota and Disney World this week. He got so scared, he totally deleted out this blog, which then I gladly took ownership of.

Here is one of the many pictures that I took from Disney World. I also took a bunch in Sarasota. I'll publish those in the near future when the time is right.

Stop the hate.